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This child was stolen from her crib!!
She is missing and in danger!!

This beautiful baby is Sabrina Aisenburg. She was taken from her home in a Tampa community in the middle of the night the day before Thanksgiving. Her parents reported that she was fine when they checked on her before they went to bed around midnight, and when her mother checked on her at around six a.m., she was nowhere to be found. No one was awaken by any noise during the night, not even the family dog. Please look thru these sites to read about her and her family's story You will also find some information on the investigation, and, yes, the investigation does include questioning of the parents' seemingly suspicious story........ Maybe YOU can help return her to her family, safe and unharmed!

Date of Birth - 6/27/97
Date Missing - 11/24/97
Missing from - Brandon, FL
L.E.A. - Hillsborough County Sheriff Dept
Contact - Detective Jim Caimano
Telephone Number - 1(813)247-8688
or Florida Dept of Law Enforcement - 1(888)356-4774

Sabrina Ainsberg Task Force
Contact - Detective Ken Hoskins
Telephone Number - 1(813)247-8915
Toll Free 1(888)461-8477
Fax # 1(813)247-8750 - Attn: Sabrina Aisenberg Task Force

Hotline: 1-813-247-8685
Hillsborough P.D: 1-813-247-8200
Crime Stoppers: 1-800-873-tips (8477)

ID Info - NCIC #M-078309557. Sabrina is a white female, 2'6" tall, weighs 20 pounds, has brown hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a lavender one piece sleeper with a floral pattern and has a blue and yellow handmade blanket.

Identifying birthmarks: Sabrina has dots shaped like a "Y" below her right shoulder.

Sabrina's parents

Sabrina Aisenburg and related links

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Please go to this site to read all about baby Sabrina's story, a list of links to related articles are also on this page
Investigation Updates
Excellent summary of investigation updates, and links to related articles
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This site is a list of "news around the net", includes articles related to Sabrina's investigation
Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Missing Children Page
Missing Children Information Clearinghouse
National Association for Missing and Expoited Children
Go to this site to search other missing children picture's and info

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